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Kaizen Foam

I love kaizen foam! This is what happens when OCD and woodworking collide. There is a video below showing my process. I am using yellow foam with a black top layer. This means that when a tool is missing you can clearly see the outline of the missing tool. It’s a concept taken out of Lean “Kaizen” (continuous improvement)

Here is what my drawers looked like before:

the foam boards come in various colors but my favorite are the dual color ones so the top is one color and underneath it is a second color. This makes it very obvious when a tool is missing. Here’s my process to cut out the foam

And the result is very pleasing every time I open the drawers. Plus when my 13 year old borrows a tool the evidence is clear. So although this hasn’t improved my recovery rate it does let me know what tool I need to buy…

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