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70 tool organizer in a 17" x 10" (approx) form factor!


This organizer is designed for Shapeoko owners who also have a laser (though the files can be modified to accommodate other tools to your liking) - with room for the wrenches that come with m ost compact router, the 6 hex wrenches provided by Carbide3d, extra collets, 1/4" and 1/8" bits and more. You are buying a digital download file, which you can modify to accommodate any other tool collection. The concept is simple: insert a blank MDF, position your machine and get started. All the recommended tools are embedded in the file, I am glad to answer your questions.


What you get:

  • A design file ready to fabricate for Carbide Create v4 
  • A design file ready to fabricate for Carbide Create v5 (beta at this time)
  • GCode export of the tool paths (for you to load directly into Carbide motion or your CNC Gcode player): note - you are better of opening the Carbide Create files, so you can turn on/off certain toolpaths and have finer control of your production!
  • An SVG of the tool holder design
  • A lightburn design file for the labels: if you have a laser, you can burn these labels to your finished product, or just hand write them or use a label maker
  • Reference photos - so you can adjust the designs and make them work for your tool selection (make sure to update the lightburn design, by importing your new SVG into the lightburn reference layer)
  • The images show a produced product made of MDF and finished with a layer of shellac. I also created an acrylic cover I, simply folding the front and back, and then attaching the side squares using acrylic cement (which is not a glue but a chemical reaction which fuses acrylic). The design files include a grove made to accommodate a 1/8" acrylic inset - you can remove if you wish.


Before you buy this file, make sure that you understand how to work with Carbide Create formatted files, are able to modify toolpaths for bits you might have which differ from mine. I am using started Vbit 60d and a few basic start/trim bits to do the machining.

Machining is your own responsibility - By purchasing this plan you agree that my responsibility is limited the cost of your digital download ONLY, and not for any damage associated with the use of your CNC or machine used to create the actual product.


** Please contact me if you wish one to be created for you

A compact CNC Tool Holder & Organizer [Digital Design Plans]

  • For use with any CNC compatible with Carbide 3D's "Carbide Create". The software is free and is compatible with most grbl based CNC machines. Visit their website for more information. Note: if you have a Shapeoko CNC - you're all set!

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