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Here is a video of the elaborate steps to hand make this bookcase


Dive into the world of bespoke, mid-century modern design with our uniquely designed, handmade black walnut bookcase. Built exclusively for you, this item exudes an inimitable blend of style, sophistication, and functionality.


The bookcase, with its three to four open box units, is carefully constructed from 3/4” black walnut wood, each box showcasing delicately rounded corners. Each unit captures the light differently, allowing the striking textures and patterns to become a focal point. A high-quality natural wood finish emphasizes the beauty of the walnut’s grain.


Adding to the intrigue are the cylindrical spacers, hand-turned from black walnut, that separate each unit, producing a geometrically pleasing and rustic appeal.


Four hand-turned, tapered legs elegantly lift the structure, embracing the iconic aesthetics of mid-century modern design. This commanding silhouette guarantees a warm, refined aura to any room.

Our base unit measures 40” in width, 12” in depth, and 50” in height (~4 feet) for the 3 unit design. This sizing conveniently accommodates books of various sizes, as shown in the accompanying photo. If you need specific dimensions or desire to adjust the height of the spacers, we’re happy to cater to your needs. Please reach out before ordering for any custom requirements.

While the featured model is constructed from solid black walnut, we can craft it from other woods, which may influence the pricing.


Upon order confirmation, we’ll send you the plans for your unique bookcase. This design is one-of-a-kind, adding a touch of exclusivity to your purchase.


To fully appreciate the careful craftsmanship that goes into creating this piece, watch the elaborate production process here:

Your investment in this unique design extends beyond owning a piece of furniture; it means becoming a part of a legacy of artisan craftsmanship. Experience the distinctive beauty and functionality of this handmade bookcase and elevate your space today!


Please note: the shipping price may vary on your location. Actual shipping price will be determined soon after your order. 


The base unit design is 40” wide and 12” deep, 50” tall (~ 4 feet) for the 3 unit design. The dimensions fit most kid’s books (large and small as you can see from the photo) and I can make it slightly deeper and adjust the height of the stilts between the shelves if you need to fit it to a certain height. Please contact me before ordering if you have specific dimensions you need to satisfy

The Bookcase

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