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This unique and original design will pop your painting or picture and is a show piece for your home. I will work with you to calibrate the dimensions, so don't worry about the choices you make in the drop down - but here are a few things to know:

The frame measures roughly 2-3/4" in width
The critical dimension I will need is the full size dimensions of the acrylic which fits iside the frame
Since a frame mat is included, your painting might be smaller than this dimension, by several inches

I use one of the national brands of art framing accessories for the mat, backboard and acrylic
You will be be able to customize the dimensions of the mat, its color, the dimension of the frame (outside and inner dimensions).

Price includes all accessories: 

Hanging wire, mounted to the frame
Frame Mat cutout
Turn button fasteners to easily remove and replace the painting/photo

Bubble wrapped and shipped in a sturdy box

Production time: 3-5 days after final approval
Shipping: 7-14 days, depending on selected shipping method

In the photos accompanying this listing you can see the use of Oak, painted in black. The unique grain of Oak is apparent in the pattern of the end product. I can also make the frame from Black Walnut with a shellac finish or from any other custom wood order. Please note that custom wood selection may increase production time by 2-5 days based on availability and might add slightly to the cost.


About the cost: 

The price is fixed up to the maximum dimension listed. This order is a lot of work because it requires careful coordination of the accessories, design of the frame to meet your specs, QA of the final frame, matt and acrylic, and careful packaging/shipping. You will be involved in each step of the process, with photo updates of your frame being constructed and manufactured.

The Prism

SKU: F1002
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