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Angular Design Frame

CNC Made, 3D Frame Design

The inspiration for the design

Alex Fang is a woodworker who goes under the name "Bevelish Creations". I was watching a video in which he demonstrated a cool technique to pinch and pull triangles into thin air which I really liked:

The tecnique in his video took me on an exploration journey. First I created a model similar to what Alex showed in his video, and produced it on my desktop CNC:

After creating a mockup, I send it out to the CNC:

...and after painting it red, this was the result:

I love the depth this gives to the wood, so next I designed a frame using the same principle. The challenge here is to hide the miter connecting the four frames while creating a design that can be produced on four separate pieces of wood to come together seamlessly. In the following video, notice how each mitered corner has the mountains end precisely at the 45 degree connection point between frame stiles:

I did a test run (painted in blue) before producing a frame I was proud of (!). By the way, the drawing in the black frame is by my mom (who is an amazing artist and musician), check out her website -

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