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Epoxy River Table

Organic river design in black walnut tabletop for a custom teenager's desk

Some Context

This project was a follow up to a desk I built for my son, see the project file for "Crayon River Desk". There were a few things I wanted to change up this time: first - I wanted to have ample shelf space for books, and then I wanted to incorporate his small fish tank, all while maintaining an open shelf design: I did not want to have a "boxy" look, so all the shelves had to be open on 3 sides (not four, because they have to be help by something, don't they?)

As for the table top, I decided to go with epoxy, to avoid some of the problems with the Crayon table, specifically the delaminating. Crayon is a waxy material so it will not adhere well to the wood channel and ultimately will separate from the epoxy top coat which holds it down and you end up cloudy effects which aren't pleasing. Since I was going for epoxy, I thought of a more "Techy" look for the table top:

However my son wanted to continue with the organic river look. Here's the design I came up for the desk itself:

I have a short video showing how I made this tabletop;

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