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Wall art made from restored antique square nails

This artwork is a unique abstract and geometric gridded design wall art hand forged from restored antique steel square nails and copper squares in Danish style. My wife saw a few grided designs online but they were either very coarse in their design or had thick lines which we did not like. After completing this project, I felt it would be the perfect pick for a eclectic, boho-chic, and global-inspired home, no better a way to describe our home (!) so this first one is hanging outdoors and is aging beutifully with the copper oxydation turning green.

The making of Vægkunst

Vægkunst (wall-art in Danish) started with my discovery that antique square nails can be bought on eBay. However these nails are...antique. That means 50 Lbs. of rusty square nails, some of them can be snapped in half with one hand. So I started sorting the nails into the "useable" pile, before a lengthy cleaning process.

50+ years of rust, 50 Lbs. of square nails, let's go!

after several days of meticulous cleaning, which included submersing them in rust remover, cleaning on a metal brush wheel every single one of them and them finishing in a ultrasonic bath, they looked decent and were ready for welding:

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