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Window Sash Repair

Reverse engineering a hard to find window sash

This project opened the window to an entire new set of terminology (punn intended) in the world of window framing, how many of these do you know and can describe their function?

  • Hinge jamb

  • Sash stile & rail (easy if you're already making doors as a woodworker)

  • Casement vs. awning vs. hopper positions

  • Operator shoe (on roto locks)

  • Amerock Roto-Lock

What was I solving?

We live in a mid century modern home and most of the wood frames and windows have long ago rotted out. This particular sill is for a window in our bedroom and on hot summer days we needed to open the window to cool down. But - the mechanism was frozen shut and the wood was rotten in bad shape:

and since I knew these window sills were all Andersen sills, I went to their website and of course - none of the models installed in 1960's can be purchased. I assume I could call them for a custom fitting or replacement but wanted the challenge of doing this as a woodworker and maybe saving a few bucks.

So I started taking measurements. And lots of them. I had to disassemble the sill, open it completely, remove the locking mechanism (the Roto-lock) and examine the bevels and slots that make the sill what it is..

Sketchup drawing

Feel free to download a PDF of my plans to see how I captured this information:

Andersen Flexivent Awning Windows
Download PDF • 1.16MB

The result

Here is what the new sash looks like

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